(Contains 18 photos)
Scotland portfolioThe changes in the amount and quality of light from moment to moment never fails to amaze me. I especially like the months from November around to March
 (Contains 14 photos)
Kings Langley set portfolioFour images of the lane outside my village, where I walk most days. The combination of light and form have produced what I think are wonderful pictures, right on my doorstep.
 (Contains 4 photos)
The Brighton Five portfolioA study of 5 shots, taken on an extraordinary day in February. It wasn't just the weather that was unusual, the light was too.
 (Contains 2 photos)
Camber portfolioCamber Sands...a few images to celebrate the end of 2 years hard work, with thanks to the 'Usual Suspects' at London University's Birkbeck College
 (Contains 2 photos)
Skye portfolioSkye, so atmospheric, so beautiful, but often difficult to capture with the clous and rain. Here are a few taken in April. Comments always welcome..Enjoy.
 (Contains 11 photos)
The Uists portfolioA rewarding week on these beutiful and remote Isles left me with some interesting images. I'll leave you to decide whether or not they are good.
 (Contains 13 photos)
The West of England portfolioA portfolio attempting to reflect my very long connection with this part of England
 (Contains 9 photos)
The Best Images portfolio
 (Contains 9 photos)
A Different View portfolioImages in this portfolio differ in style and concept from the usual way I go about things.
 (Contains 1 photo)
Kiev: Ukraine portfolioKiev, the capital of Ukraine, is an interesting city, and I took the opportunity to create some images whilst I was here on other business (see the Chernobyl Gallery).
 (Contains 5 photos)
Canyon De Chelly portfolio
 (Contains 7 photos)
Monument Valley portfolio