Changing Kit

10th May 2018
After amassing a good set of Canon equipment, a feat that took decades and no small amount of money, why did I even think of changing? Well, it got to the stage where I would plan a to take out the gear and get creative. And then for some reason it didn't happen. The reason took a while to surface and confront: I just didn't want to carry it all! It was heavy, bulky and obvious. By obvious, I mean the opposite of discreet, especially important for street photography. So, I started looking around for alternatives, and searching the web to see if any other serious photographers were feeling the same way.

I was surprised to find that they were, and many turning to Fuji or Olympus alternatives.
After reading blogs and exchanging emails with pros that I have never met (everyone likes to talk about kit), I tried a few top end Fuji models before settling on the Olympus OM D Mk2. I bit the bullet and bought the 12 - 100 lens. This was not a cheap combination, but if it was as good as I thought, then that would be all I needed.

This combination of one body and one lens was all that I took on my 9 week trek to New Zealand and Australia. You can see the results in my 'Down Under' portfolio. I am delighted with my gear. Its light enough to carry anywhere, small enough to be discreet and the quality of images I can capture is brilliant. There are many additional programmes in this kit that I am still learning to use, like the 'Pro Capture' which is truly stunning (see my image 'Splash'). I am not being paid or sponsored by Olympus or any of its suppliers to say this. My one criticism is the manual. Its terrible! I have learnt by trial and error, and have bought a 'guide to the manual' type of book which I am wading through.Wander through the images here to see what you think. The biggest 'win' for me is that this little camera and that single lens goes with me everywhere.