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Chernobyl portfolioChernobyl, 1986, Reactor no 4 (of 6) exploded. A sarcophagus was built over the deadly debris. It would last for 30 years. Those years are up in 2016. The new sarcophagus isn't finished. I recall stories at the time of the evacuation of the nearby village of Pripryat (or Prypriat). It wasn't a village, 50,000 people lived there. Pripryat was built in 1970, a new town, an atomic town. The average age was 25. It had 5 schools, swimming pools, a stadium and a supermarket. A Soviet model. Dozens of villages were left empty, 120,000 people were evacuated. Images quality varies, conditions were mixed, and time there is limited (10 minutes is allowed at the nuclear plant, and 1 hour at Pripryat,) but I hope they tell a story.
Images will be exhibited at The Old Town Hall Hemel Hempstead Nov 18- Dec 24, 2013, and at the Royal Geographical Society in November 2014. Email or leave a message for more details.
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Unsustainable Cities? the on-line 2014 RGS Exhibition portfolio'Unsustainable Cities?' was my well received 2014 Exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society in London. It ran for a week and attracted about 1000 visitors. The 'Open Event' on 12th November, was full of diverse people in terms of age and backgrounds. For me that was the highlight. During the show, we ran a 'Wall of Thought' where visitors could put up their reactions to the images. There were 80 or so post-its. The only negative response, which occurred a few times, was that the font on the labels was too small. My aim here is to show all of the 43 photos which made the show, the labels, a few shots which didn't meet the final cut, and in a separate blog, I'll put up all the post-its. Please bear with me as this may take a while with a catch-up period in my day job, and a holiday getting in between.
If you didn't see the original show and want to comment, please let me know and I'll add it to the blog. There are many people I need to thank, but here I'll just mention Kiran Patel who supported me all the way through, Sean Patel-Gould who did the same, Ellie Thompson whose graphics and project management were brilliant, Jane Thompson and David Steward, and Annette, Denise, Sophie and Mark at the RGS.