Uzbekistan: The Silk Routes
01st November 2017
I have a new travel portfolio for Uzbekistan. I visited in October 2017. The trip wasn't without its mishaps. My favourite lens ( the only one I took) the Canon 24 - 105 would only work at 24. A kind person who I have only just met lent me a 75 - 300 for a day.

However, please have a look and leave any comments that you feel appropriate. All the photos should be processed and displayed by the end of November.
Environmental Photographer of the Year, 2015
14th August 2015
"Bumper" in EPOTY Finals!
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New beginnings
02nd March 2015
The last phases of the evaluation and administration of 'Unsustainable Cities?' is over. The Arts Council are happy. It is done. At the same time I have just completed a four year programme working jointly with UNICEF and The Judge Business School in Cambridge.
It is time for new beginnings. There seems to be at least one very interesting project on the neat horizon.. More news on this in the coming days.

A final thanks to all who helped with the show. You know who you are, and you were all brilliant!
2 New Portfolios coming
18th December 2014
'Unsustainable Cities?' was an exciting departure, but for now I'm back to landscape. My recent trip to America's Desert South West was amazing and I'll be opening a folder for Canyon De Chelly and another for Monument Valley. The subject of these images may look the same, but the quality of the mist and light adds to the wonder.

I will place about 20 images in each folder over the coming weeks.

As always, your feedback is welcome.
After Day 3 of 'Unsustainable Cities?'
10th November 2014
Good day, over 150 people came to view, including 2 'veteran' geographers who never saw a Pygmy Elephant in all their time in Borneo! Good feedback on twitter (which I am just starting to use, and over 7250 hits on flickr (flickr>desimage) today!
'Unsustainable Cities?' at the RGS is Open!
08th November 2014
Today the show opened at the Royal Geographical Society in London's Kensington. It looks amazing, thanks to some fine graphics by Ellie at Ave Design. Friday, it took 6 hours for the team to set it all up. It would not have happened without the efforts of Sean and Tom!

Do come along. Its FREE, and open tomorrow, Sunday from 11 until 4, and then for the rest of the week (Monday 10th November until Friday 14th) 10 am to 5pm.

Twitter: #unsustainablecities
'Unsustainable Cities?' at the RGS approaches
22nd October 2014
Its nearly there. All the photos have been taken and are print ready. The set at the RGS is being designed and prepared by Ellie at Ave Design (
Its a free Exhibition, and we want people to come, take a look. Most of the images have not been shown before, the the ones that have (mainly from Chernobyl) turned out to be very engaging last time. Details of opening times are available on the pdf here:

More information? email me at

I hope to see you there.
The Next Exhibition: RGS 8-14th November 2014
23rd September 2014
Behind the scenes we are working hard to have an even better 'Unsustainable Cities?' show. It will run during these dates, and the entrance is free. The RGS (Royal Geographical Society is in Kensington, between Hyde Park and the Natural History Museum. More information will appear here, including 'how to get there', soon.

Most of the images will not have been shown in public before, including some from my visit to Chernobyl this time last year.

Should you want an invite to the 'Open Evening', please email:
My next show.....
30th July 2014
Will be an improved and update version of the 'Unsustainable Cities?' show that happened in Hemel Hempstead last November. the larger space will allow me to add more images, some of them new.
Dates: Saturday 8th November until Friday 14th November.
Opening time: 10.00am.
Venue: The Royal Geographical Society, right by Hyde Park, at the top of Exhibition Road in London. Entrance Free! Supported by Arts Council England, and Hayfield.
Want to get involved? email me at: More details to follow.
Arctic Gallery added
18th December 2013
From the jaws of Archive HD failed. I thought I'd lost everything. Happily, my IT expert managed to save all the files, and whilst looking at them again, I thought I'd publish some. Most shown in the Arctic Portfolio have not been shown publically before. I hope you enjoy, but, beware, Polar Bears are ferocious.
Unsustainable Cities? Saturday's Talk
09th December 2013
I was joined on Saturday by 3 guest speakers, to address the issue of sustainability in our cities. Aaron Gould, from DECC, told us about innovative thinking on heat and renewable energy. Ben Hudson spoke on waste and air quality and Sarah Fletcher gave us interesting information about planning, housing and sustainability. This was all in the context of the exhibition. The audience were great, and asked questions, indeed helping us create the informal conversational style that we feel conveys and exchanges ideas.

So, a big 'thank you' to all who attended. For those who couldn't make it, the show runs to 24th December, and should you have an interesting question or insight, contact me.
'Unsustainable Cities?' on BBC 3 Counties Radio
02nd December 2013
Air time at last! The exhibition got 5 minutes or so on the Treasure Quest show yesterday morning. I hope that encourages people to come along and take a look at the images. I got a decent plug for the free event that will occur at the Gallery (in the Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead) next Saturday at 2.30. I will speak on the pictures and the concept, and then 3 colleagues who work in this field will join me.

Aaron Gould will be there to speak and answer your questions on Renewable Energy. Aaron works at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Ben Hudson works with waste and speaks volumes on rubbish. Is this an issue we conveniently forget about once we've put our waste in the bin? Ben works for the award winning London Sustainability Exchange

Sarah Fletcher works with sustainability issues on housing every day. She is also a visiting lecturer on the subject.

Entrance free...some come and join us!
Exhibition: It is up and running
20th November 2013
The Exhibition has opened, and the initial interest is encouraging. If you can come along to the Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead, (HP13AE) please do. It runs until 24th December.

There is still room for one or two more at the Private View this Friday, 22nd November, from 7 until 9.30 pm.

Comments, questions and feedback are positively encouraged. Some images featured in the final selection cannot appear on the web.

A big thank you to all who have helped!
EXHIBITION DETAILS: Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead
07th November 2013
The Exhibition opens at the Robert Adams Gallery in the Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead, on 18th November, and will run until 24th December. Entrance is free.
Opening times: Mon - Sat 10.30 to 5.30. Postcode: HP1 5AE.

There will be a Private View on Friday 22nd November from 7.00 until 9.30pm.
Details and an invite contact me at OR call 01442 228091 (Box Office).

Artist Talk: I will talk about the images, and then be available for questions with a panel of experts: Sarah Fletcher, Aaron Gould and Ben Hudson. This event will take place on Saturday, 7th December at the Gallery, from 2.30 until 4.00pm.

The lead photo, entitled 'The only Child in Pripryat' is from the Chernobyl exclusion zone.


'Unsustainable Cities?' wins an Arts Council grant
16th October 2013
The 'Unsustainable Cities?' project, to be shown in Hemel Hempstead from 18th November until 24th December, this year, and at the Royal Geographical Society next November (2014) has been a awarded a grant from the Arts Council!
Chernobyl Gallery opens...
08th October 2013
I have started this new, and for me important gallery documenting part of my recent visit to the Chernobyl nuclear site.

Its 27 years since the disaster. The size of the plant surprised me: there are still are 6 reactors. No. 4 exploded that fateful night in April, 1986. They built a sarcophagus over the highly radio active debris, which would last for 30 years.. Well, 30 years are up in 2016, and the new sarcophahus isn't finished.

I recall stories at the time of the evacuation of the nearby village of Pripryat (or Prypriat). It wasn't a village, it was a town of some 50,000 people. 120,000 people were removed. Dozens of real villages ceased to be. Pripryat was built in 1970, a new town, an atomic town. The average age was 25. It had 5 schools, swimming pools, a stadium and its own supermarket. A real Soviet model.

500,000 people helped in the nuclear clean up. These were people from all over the Soviet Union: there were miners, engineers, scientists and soldiers. The full extent of the human tragedy isn't known.

Image quality varies, the conditions were mixed, and time there is limited. I was allowed 10 minutes at the nuclear plant, and 1 hour at Pripryat, and just 3 hours in the 30km exclusion zone altogether. I hope they tell a story.

Images will be exhibited at The Old Town Hall Hemel Hempstead Nov 18- Dec 24, 2013, and at the Royal Geographical Society in November 2014.

Email ( leave a message for more details.
'Unsustainable Cities?'
04th October 2013
My exhibition asking this key question starts in The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead on 18th November. It is a free show, so come along if you can. Email/contact me if you can't. There will be new images from London, Kiev, Chernobyl and elsewhere, so look out for more details.

Spread the news on Facebook and Twitter....why not?
UCL: Urban Sustainability and Resilience conference
09th October 2012
UCL, one of the world's top 5 universities, is about to host the first major conference on this topic. I have been asked to provide the conference (5, 6, & 7 Nov, 2012) with photos. I have asked fellow environmental photographer Colin Cafferty ( to work with me on this project.We will be portraying Hard, Soft and Natural Infrastructure; the obvious and sometimes the less obvious items that keep our city going. The exhibition, at UCL will be open to the public (free)during the conference, and we hope for the remainder of that week. There is a new gallery here, showing one or two of my shots that made the final cut, and some of interest that didn't. We all believe that this is an interesting and important conference and exhibition. Please come and take a look.Comments will be welcomed. A link to the UCL site will be posted here in the next few days.
Its Published: Am Paipear
09th November 2011
The article outlining my fieldwork has now been published in Am Paipear, the community paper for the Western Isles.

Find it on their facebook page, or email me for a copy.
Research in the Uists
24th October 2011
An article in Am Paipear, the Highlands and Islands Community newspaper will be published next week, outlining my intial fieldwork research on 'Climate Change and Local Knowledge' on the Uists. The images in the Uist Gallery were taken during my time there. Thanks again to all who contributed.