UCL: Urban Sustainability and Resilience conference

09th October 2012
UCL, one of the world's top 5 universities, is about to host the first major conference on this topic. I have been asked to provide the conference (5, 6, & 7 Nov, 2012) with photos. I have asked fellow environmental photographer Colin Cafferty (www.climatechangecafe.com) to work with me on this project.We will be portraying Hard, Soft and Natural Infrastructure; the obvious and sometimes the less obvious items that keep our city going. The exhibition, at UCL will be open to the public (free)during the conference, and we hope for the remainder of that week. There is a new gallery here, showing one or two of my shots that made the final cut, and some of interest that didn't. We all believe that this is an interesting and important conference and exhibition. Please come and take a look.Comments will be welcomed. A link to the UCL site will be posted here in the next few days.