'Unsustainable Cities?' on BBC 3 Counties Radio

02nd December 2013
Air time at last! The exhibition got 5 minutes or so on the Treasure Quest show yesterday morning. I hope that encourages people to come along and take a look at the images. I got a decent plug for the free event that will occur at the Gallery (in the Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead) next Saturday at 2.30. I will speak on the pictures and the concept, and then 3 colleagues who work in this field will join me.

Aaron Gould will be there to speak and answer your questions on Renewable Energy. Aaron works at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Ben Hudson works with waste and speaks volumes on rubbish. Is this an issue we conveniently forget about once we've put our waste in the bin? Ben works for the award winning London Sustainability Exchange

Sarah Fletcher works with sustainability issues on housing every day. She is also a visiting lecturer on the subject.

Entrance free...some come and join us!